March 14th, 2013


You are being written to so that I may inform you that your efforts to destroy the 2nd Amendment are for naught.  I will have you know that I have no intention of complying with any laws regarding the restriction of my liberties that you are trying to pass, and will fully and loudly defy any such laws.  Additionally, I am networking with countless individuals even now, and we are planning to dissent and disobey any laws you may help pass regarding firearms ownership.

With your sneering hatred of liberty in our minds, we have gathered in all of the state Capitols across the nation this winter, in numbers I’m certain you weren’t aware that we had.  During those gatherings we have networked with others and spread our message of non-compliance.  I will tell you, with utmost joy that the message is being well received by gun owners across the nation and is spreading like wildfire.
In your arrogance you have made the mistake of underestimating your ideological foes, or you truly do believe your own misconceptions of us; given as you so rarely deign to lower yourself to even pretend to come into contact with us.  We are not the redneck hillbilly hayseeds that you clearly believe that we are; rather we are doctors, lawyers, business owners, surgeons, engineers, computer programmers, police officers, accountants, teachers and other professionals.  All of us, without exception, will not be complying with any of your laws, should they come to fruition.

You should take a moment and reflect on where your obsessive narcissism may lead the nation.  In attempting to disarm lawful, decent people and leave us prey not only to criminals, but to the very government to which you belong, you have awakened a new spirit of resistance.  If you try to prosecute us for not complying with your edicts, you will quickly come to realize where the real power lay in this nation.  Simply put, we know you are powerless to enforce your obsession based laws, and we want you to know just how impotent you are when we refuse to comply with them.  

There will be no private sale background checks, no bans, no capacity limits, nothing in fact that we will comply with.  We will continue to own whatever firearms we wish, we will shoot as we wish, we will bear arms as we wish, and if we need to we’ll make our own magazines and sell them as we wish.  I mean, come now, you don’t really think that magazines are somehow impossible to easily make in a basement do you?  You edicts, your laws, your forms, everything you think is so important will do nothing to stop us from our choice in remaining free. If you feel that you can force your laws on us, then you clearly do not understand by how much we outnumber you.  I urge you to look into how many gun owners there are out here, and ask yourself what chance you’ll have with your meager numbers of LEO in trying to enforce your anti-liberty laws.

There will be no discussion, no compromise, no “conversation”, no debate and no compliance.  You are being neutered, and you have nobody to blame for it but yourself.  Please pass this along to your compatriots, servant.