The Myth Of The Mass Murderer And His Weaponry

So close on the heels of the Connecticut shooting, it seems coarse and vulgar to delve into the topic of politics.  Unfortunately, the Progressives are making it a point to make the incident a political issue, starting with President Obama’s initial speech where he mentions “something needs to be done”, and the Left mainstream media picking that up and running with it full tilt since. The outcome they desire, and have made no effort to hide, is to ban what they call, erroneously at times “automatic weapons”, and sometimes, just as incorrectly “assault weapons”.  They paint a picture for all to see of mass murders being perpetrated by white guys, usually, but not always, older and with some kind of racially motivated hate at play, using an “assault weapon” he owns and practices with daily with his racist friends, to mow down tens of people at a time.  If only, they sigh, he didn’t have that automatic weapon/assault weapon and those high capacity “clips” (another misnomer, they mean to say magazines).

But what’s the truth of the picture they paint, and what is mostly made up fantasy?

Of the 29 events since and including Columbine that have made it to the stage of national attention, the statistics show a much different picture than the one the media and the politicians wish for you to believe.  Of their attitudes and conditions, the following shakes out.

Crazy/Meds -- 55.2%
Jihad -- 10.3%
Home/Work Related -- 10.3%
Bad/Evil Person -- 10.3%
Racially Motivated -- 10.3%
Unknown -- 3.5%

When compiling this, if the person was clearly crazy but adds in racist elements, the benefit of the doubt was given and “crazy” assigned.  The same regarding Jihad/religion.

Ok, but what about the weaponry?  Clearly these nuts are all armed to the teeth with “assault rifles”.  Actually, not so much, as the statistics bear out.

Semi-Auto Pistol -- 75.8%
Shotgun -- 31%
Semi-Auto or Bolt Hunting Rifle -- 13.7%
Revolver -- 10.3%
Assault Rifle -- 10.3%
Bomb Making -- 6.8%
Claw Hammer -- 3.4%

Now this is a strange thing; because the common lament heard is “if he just had to stop to reload and didn’t have those high capacity ‘clips’, he’d do much less damage.  A six shooter would take out far fewer than those nasty assault rifles”.  Yet, statistically, revolvers and “assault rifles” are in a dead heat of weapon of choice of mass murderers.  Shotguns and bolt action rifles, which most people consider as neutral or even benign (“you can use it for hunting and target shooting sports!”), rank higher on the list with shotguns being at least three times as likely to be selected as a revolver or “assault rifle”, yet nobody is talking about shotgun or bolt action rifle control.

Now comes the interesting part.  Of the three incidents where “assault rifle” is the weapon of choice, two of those incidents involve a stolen firearm.  In other words, the actual occurrence of a person buying and using an “assault rifle” to commit mass murder is once.  One time.  This means that a legally obtained “assault rifle” is as statistically likely to be used in a mass murder, since 1999, as a claw hammer.

Where are the calls for hammer control?

And now the third and most controversial elements; the race, age and motivation.  Hold on to your hats and put your PC goggles away and get ready for sobering facts.

Of the group being examined, 7 of the 29 had a religious element.  Two were out and out Jihadists, 4 were anti-Christian or church related, and the last was regarding Sikhs.  Four were racially motivated (and not out and out crazy).  Jake England, who was an American Indian, was ticked that blacks got special treatment when he didn't.  Roderick Dantzler was crazy but he also was racially motivated.  He was black and out to shoot whites.  Omar Thornton was a black man looking to kill whites.  One L. Goh was actually ticked because he believed that people treated him badly because he was Asian.  This brings us to Wade Michael Page, who is the only racist white dude in the mass killer category.

What about race?  Aren’t most of these shooters white Anglo Saxon types with a grudge?  Actually, no.  A disproportionate amount (compared to the population at large) are of minority status.  Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans and Eastern European immigrants are extremely over represented compared to the population.

A fair number of these people were younger at the time they committed their crimes, with many falling into the so called Millennial group, that is, kids born and raised around the Internet and during the time when it is/was considered proper to medicate boys for “ADHD”. 

The real picture emerging about mass murder events then is almost exactly opposite of what we’re being told, in an effort to get us to give up our rights found in the 2nd Amendment.   The actual real profile of a mass murderer actually resembles this:

Crazy and on meds
Probability of Racial or Religious motivation
With a shotgun and/or Pistol

So why are we being sold a lie?  Clearly, people buying “assault weapons” are not the ones who are likely to commit any crime, and high capacity magazines appear to play little role in how many people a mass murderer can kill.  Well, there’s one simple reason. The ban of assault weapons was on the table, without denial, during the Presidential election cycle.  President Obama is on clear record during the debates saying that he wanted the Assault Weapon Ban reinstituted and even wanted to extend this to sidearms.  Guns rights organizations have been noting for years Obama’s clear agenda against firearms, and they all warned that he would implement that agenda after he was re-elected, in order to guarantee that it couldn’t be used as a political weapon against him during the last election cycle.

But why?  The AWB did nothing to prevent any mass murders when it was in place, in fact the Columbine shootings occurred during that ban and they had limited capacity magazines.  The fact is, the AWB has nothing to do with protecting citizens and nothing to do with preventing mass murders.  The AWB and other cries for gun control are meant simply to disarm us and eventually eliminate our right to self-defense and take away our ability to be a threat to the government.  They want us disarmed and compliant.  They want no resistance to what they have in store for us once they have us disarmed, at least according to how they view events and society.

In short, we’re being set up, and they hope the emotions at play today allow them to finally get their foot in the door to the final elimination of our ability to protect ourselves against the government.  They are using the blood of children to forward an agenda that they’ve had for decades, and they don’t care how ghoulish they have to get, as long as you, the citizen, believe their lies and believe their fake assault weapon wielding scary white guy creation, who tromps to the gun shop, buys a “full auto” AK-47 and then heads to the local shopping mall to murder people at will.

Do not believe the lies, confront them with the actual facts.  Do not ever, ever give up your firearms, no matter what they say, what law they pass, what rules they make.  If they’re lying to you about the reasons, imagine what they really have in store for you if you believe them.

Never comply.  Never submit.  Never give in.


Source below.


Columbine -  12g, Pistols, and reduced capacity semi-auto rifle.  Mentally ill and on meds.

Mark Barton - Semi-auto pistol.  Shot up work and killed family with a hammer.

Larry Ashbrook - Pistol, bomb making.  Crazy, on meds, shot up church.

Michael McDermott - pistol, 12g, bolt action rifle, AK.  Crazy.  Claimed he killed Hitler.

Doug Williams - Shotgun.  Work retaliation.

Terry Ratzman - pistol.  Crazy on meds.  Shot up church.

Jeff Weise - pistol, shotgun.  Crazy and on meds.

Kyle Huff - Shotgun, pistol, bomb making.  Just a bad guy.

Charles Roberts - pistol, shotgun, bolt action.  Just a bad guy.

Trolly Square UT - Revolver, shotgun.  Jihad.  Shouted Allahu Akbar.

Va Tech Dude - Pistol.  On meds, crazy.  Anti-Christian rants.

Robert Hawkins - Stolen AK.  Crazy and on meds.

Charles Thornton - Revolver.  Money issues.

Steven Kaznierizak - pistol, shotgun.  Crazy and on meds.

Ken Stewart -- Shotgun, revolver.  Divorce issues.

Jiverly Wong -- Pistol.  Ticked at America.  "America sucks"

Nidal Hassan - Pistol.  Jihad.

Omar Thornton - Pistol. Racial motive against white folks.

Jared laughner - Pistol.  Crazy and on meds.

Roderick Dantzler - Pistol.  Crazy.

Eduardo Sencion - Pistol.  Crazy and on meds.  Said he saw demons.

Scott Dekaraai - Pistol.  PTSD and on meds.

One L Goh - Pistol.  Just a bad guy.

Jake England - Pistol.  Racial.  Indian on Black.

Ian Stawicki - Pistol.  Crazy

James Holmes - AR, Shotgun, Pistol.  Crazy and on meds.

Wade Michael Page - Pistol.  Nazi

James Tyler Roberts - Stolen semi-auto rifle.  Motive unknown.

Adam Lanza - Pistols.  Crazy and on meds.


Remember and use this whenever you can.  Do not let the lie spread, and to not let them use the lie to ban objects that have no real place in the discussion.

Author: GhostOfJefferson, OH