Insanity and the Culture of Death

Regarding the Connecticut shooting.  The MSM will not talk at all about the video games the boy played, will not say a word about any porn found on his computer, won't mention in the least his political beliefs (unless, of course, they are NOT left wing, then they'll go on about them endlessly). They won't talk about the prescription drugs he was on now or in the past for psychiatric problems (and it's speculated that he was slightly autistic and quite mentally challenged). They won't mention a culture that celebrates emasculating men in general, nor will they bring up the effects of living in a single parent home on children. No.

Instead, the MSM will concentrate on the color of the gun he used, and will then forget to tell you that at age 20, he was not old enough to purchase a pistol so he stole it from his mother whom he murdered. They'll forget to mention how nearly impossible it is to get a "permit" to own these kinds of firearm in CT or NJ.

Already the blood dancing ghouls from the Left are cackling in glee about the chance to forward their evil agenda. They are already demanding that because of a kid, living in one the most firearms restricted states in the union, surrounded by states that also celebrate heavily restricting rights, having illegally in his possession sidearms that he was not permitted by law to own to begin with, who then walks into a No Gun Zone as designated by *Federal law*, and opens fire, this somehow means that decent honest people in the much disdained "flyover country" who never seem to have these kinds of issues, must by needs be disarmed.

There is no tragedy that the Progressives will not use, no level to which they will not stoop, in order to get what they want politically. What happened in CT is sickening, but what is being said the day after by the mindless control freak politicians and media is revolting.

What's missed is that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda was accomplished almost exclusively with machetes (580k + imported from China by the warlords for distribution to the "people") and lighting individuals trapped in automobile tires on fire, and the death toll was somewhere around 800,000 to 1,000,000 (depends on whose numbers you believe). The are many inconvenient facts that people are overlooking in order to advance an insane political agenda.

Lots of parents in Israel have rifles, loaded, strapped to their backs when they walk their kindergartners to and into schools, where are these incidents there? Lots of folks in "flyover country" are armed to the teeth, but somehow it's only the mostly disarmed Progressive "blue" states/areas where these incidents happen.

It's not the tool, it's the culture of Death celebrated by the Left, and the individuals who participate in it without question.  A culture where, if a child is lucky enough not to be "chosen" out of the womb before birth, he grows up, mostly in single parent households, surrounded by media telling him that he's a laughing stock and useless.  He plays video games that leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to pure carnage.  He becomes anti-social and immerses himself in his little electronic world, never raising his head from the iPhone long enough to even know others are around.  

Chances are, if he's a male, he's also diagnosed with ADHD by default (the disease where if you are not quiet and compliant and obedient, you're sick) and drugged with psychotropic drugs with known side effects that include inducing violence and rage.

And when he does finally snap, the very culture warriors who uphold the world he lives in, where good and evil do not exist and are rejected as valid concepts from the get go, start screaming about inanimate tools.  It's as if we're living in a world of savages who assign magical powers to objects (which is called animism).

The Connecticut incident is a ripe opportunity for the Progressives to finally get the restriction of our 2nd Amendment right that they've always salivated for.  If a myriad of new useless laws are passed, disregard them.  Turn in nothing, and do not stop carrying (if you carry).  Do not comply.  We are at the point where this is all we have left, liberty wise.  Do not give it up, do not comply.


Author: GhostOfJefferson, Ohio