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Compliance with the various state, local and federal governments has been the mainstay and pride of most who believe in the Rule of Law and not the Rule of Man.  However, over the last few decades we've been watching the movement away from Rule of Law, and since 2001 we've transformed almost completely into Rule of Man.  The onus then is on us, the good, decent and honest individuals that comprise this nation, to say no more.  We are under no obligation to obey the lawless "leaders" in Washington D.C. nor any other government.  We are not chattel to be ordered about at the pleasure of political handlers.

Submission and compliance are no longer optimal nor are they patriotic.  Complying with dictators, tyrants, an army of bureuacrats that resemble Legion more than they do public servants, or any other petty ruler, is complying with evil.  There is no middle ground, there is only right and wrong.  The middle ground has long since been washed away and all that remains are the stark contrasts.

At PDNC we ask that you join us in saying "No", and join us in non-compliance.  We all have a duty to follow Natural Law and virtue, without question, but when a government comes along and demands half of our lives in tribute and dictates to us even down to the kind of light bulb we're "allowed" to own, when a government comes along and tells us that we have to violate our religious beliefs and involuntarily fund what we consider wrong and sin, when a government comes along and tells us that it wishes to disarm us, when a government comes along that tells us that it has assumed more debt than the entire wealth of the planet combined and we're told we have to accept this, the only sane, rational answer for a good, decent person is "NO!".

Please feel free to sign up and join our discussion forum. We discuss various topics of the day in a free format, and at levels above that of bumper sticker sloganeering.  We also have sections where you can plan events and gatherings.

Come on in, and learn to say "No".

Open Letter To Diane Feinstein

An email just sent to her office letting this servant know where she stands.

The Matron And The Cowards

“Every one of those faces has honor and courage written across them, something we rarely see in anybody these days.”